Digital Publication for Intergovermental Review (4)​

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Client & Challenges

In 2018, the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) hosted the international conference “The Fourth Intergovernmental Review Meeting on Global Program of Action” (IGR – 4 GPA) for the Protection of the Marine Environment from Land-Based Activities. Publication of this activity is important to provide awareness of the Indonesian people to reduce sea pollution caused by daily activities. The challenge is how this activity is known to the wider community and the substance of the message reaches the community.

The Solution​

In this activity, the publications focused on digital channels. This was done by considering many campaign of caring for the marine environment conducted by activists on social media. Riding the wave strategy was also carried out to further increase the amplification of activities.

Activation of creative content was carried out on KLHK social media by presenting various data and impacts of pollution of the marine environment. In addition, to provide information interactively, content is also made in the form of games.

To optimize amplification, we also involved Instagram influencers to help spread education on millennials. In addition, influencers were also involved to see first hand how government programs worked, especially the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, in tackling extinction of the ecosystem and marine environment due to pollution as a result of human activities on land.

This influencer engagement activity was also a strategy to produce user generated content (UGC), so that the message of substance to continue to protect our activities so as not to pollute the marine environment can be well received by the public, especially millennials.

Result in Six Months

In addition to content management performance on KLHK official social media, the content produced by influencers reached 137 videos and photos in one day during a visit to the location of turtle conservation and crab conservation in Bali. 

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