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Konner Is a digital marketing consultant who upholds the principle of data, innovation, communication, marketing, community, and growth to create a disruptive digital ecosystem.  

The growth of digital technology has become a very powerful trigger on various multiplatform digital media for communication and marketing activities. The presence of this technology is in line with the development of the population in the category of millennials or young people, aged 16-35 years. The close proximity between digital media and the millennials has shifted brand communication process from conventional to digital. This requires a fairly challenging adaptation from a brand or organization, both in terms of technology or adaptation of communication patterns for their audience.

Konner has a strategy for effective digital penetration. We emphasize a holistic communication strategy by applying a methodology whose results can be measured. In particular, we carry out several key principles in managing communication within the digital domain. First, organic digital growth is key, measured by the presence of real audience involved; second, the importance of storytelling concept and choosing to whom the story is told. This is an important consideration that must be decided based on research; third, orientation to measurable impact, not only output or deliverables.

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