PT Angkasa Pura I Persero

Client & Challenges :

Managing 13 airports in Indonesia’s centre and eastern regions, PT Angkasa Pura I Persero (AP I) have been doing various communication activities including corporate, marketing and CSR communications.

The challenge for API is to synergize the communication efforts in Head Office and 13 other branch offices, as well as establishing strong coordination within the Head Office.

AP I also needed an evaluation mechanism to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of communication efforts performed so far.


What We Did

To evaluate and provide comprehensive recommendation(s), Konner performed a Communication Audit that involved multiple different stakeholders. Apart from BOD-level and Head Office staffs, we also performed the audit in branch offices and to the Airport consumers /users.

The audit result was then assessed, and served as the basis of developing communication strategies and SOP for AP I Head Office and branches.



  • Communication Audit Result
  • Short, medium, and long-term communication strategy

Communication SOP for Head Office and Branch Office