Client & Challenges

Medina is the first ‘halal’ plasticware product in Indonesia is expanding its market to Muslims market, especially its middle-class mother and female Muslims since February 2017.

As a new plasticware product and the first to be halal-certified by MUI in Indonesia, Medina’s challenge in penetrating massive market in its class was to increase people’s awareness and engagement across its target communities and audiences.

And because Indonesia’s plasticware market is already dominated by one of the biggest brands within Medina’s targetted audience, competition is also a major challenge for Medina.


What we did

To drive and strengthen Medina’s brand visibility within the first 6 months, Konner conducted community activation in 25 cities in Indonesia, and applied the growth hacking strategy by integrating marketing content, social media campaign, marketing influencers, media buying in social media, and paid searches

 Community activation is carried out by synergizing offline activities and peer-to-peer marketing within middle class Muslim mother communities and social media campaign to produce massive user-generated content on Medina product


Result in 6 months:

  • 1208 User-generated Contents Middle Class Muslim Mother Communities
  • 1250 Middle Class Muslim Mother Joined the Activity
  • 18000+ Organic Page views
  • 3000+ Organic Followers
  • 95% Increase in Social Media Engagement