Kerudung Sekolah Zoya

Client & Challenges :

As one of the biggest headscarf brands, Zoya also launched a headscarf product, “Kerudung Sekolah Zoya”, for junior and senior high school female students.

Kerudung Sekolah Zoya has strong competitors in its class as well as wide distribution network all over Indonesia.

This was a challenge for Kerudung Sekolah Zoya that was going to launch the first high-tech headscarf brand in the world, which is HEIQ tech anti-odour and perspirant.

Further challenge was also to make a new communication strategyfor Kerudung Sekolah Zoya with HEIQ tech by leveraging the right momentumand target.


What We Did

To promote the new product type of “Kerudung Sekolah Zoya”, Konner started improving Kerudung Sekolah Zoya’s digital asset by initiating #AktifBerhijab campaign; a campaign that encouraged Muslimah to be active and achieve more in life fearlessly and confidently

In grass root operation, Konner collaborated with Zoya to select school ambassadors for the product. Hundreds of female students registered (some are even high-achieving students), and some of them were selected as ambassadors, which then trained ina program called Zoyaphoria.

To drive the expansion of product knowledge and experience to the target market, Konner also established social media campaign, media buying, and web and optimizing Zoya’s online presence; all were integrated in the #AktifBerhijab a campaign.


Result in 6 months:

  • 67m+ Impressions
  • 27m+ Reaches
  • Influencer supports with the total of total 25m+ Followers
  • 4m+ Engagements
  • 160k+ Social Media Followers
  • 210k+ Website Traffic
  • 50 High School Ambassador for Zoya from Below the Line Activity