Client & Challenges :

National Online Shopping Day (Harbolnas) was an important annual event to increase product conversion through marketplace and e-commerce.

During Harbolnas, the product has the potential to reach its peak of the year, including Cetaphil’s skin care category for middle-mass market segment.

Cetaphil’s challenge in driving the campaign during Harbolnas was the intense media competition and ads placement that affected the cost per-click to be relatively more expensive.


What We Did

Konner conducted media buying to increase traffic and encourage product conversion of Cetaphil skin care in 5 (five)different E-Commerce sites during the National Online Shopping Day (Harbolnas) 2017

Konner succeeded in optimizing the traffic to encourage Cetaphil’s product conversion in 5 e-commerce (Lazada, JD.ID, Sociolla, Blibli, dan Orami) through social media buying, display, and efficient & effective paid search.



160.000+ traffic to official store Cetaphil (KPI 100.000 traffic)