Client & Challenges :

BP3TI is a public service agency under the Ministry of Communication and Informatics of Indonesia; which oversees improving the quality and accessibility of information technology in remote areas.

BP3TI not only has a role to improve the information technology through building BTS, but also is responsible to develop an economic system along with the development of BTS in certain regions.

What BP3TI needed is a ‘brand’ that has a strong association to BP3TI’s contribution in serving the public, one that can be easily understood by all BP3TI stakeholders.


What We Did

Konner rebranded “BP3TI” into

“BAKTI” by changing its visual identity and its derivatives, through research processes (evidence-based rebranding).

Konner also initiated a digital campaign with the theme of #DariPenjuruIndonesia (from a corner of Indonesia), that tells the human interest side of technology accessibility in the frontier, outermost, and least developed regions in Indonesia.

The campaign aimed to show that BP3TI contributed in the development of Indonesia’s remote areas by building communication technology.

The name BAKTI was also promoted through an integrated digital campaign that includes web development, optimization of online brand emergence, marketing content, social media campaign, marketing influencers, and community activation


Result in 2 months:

  • 1600+ Photo submissions
  • 750k+ Reach
  • 1m+ Impressions